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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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@ @ coming up on channel 3 @these today, bitter coldoss northeast @ohio continue this morning. @how people have braced the is weekend. @ what saturday's debate @means for the republican @presidential candidates ahead @of next saturday's primary in @ and alyssa is making some @sweets this morning. @>> reporter: good morning and @happy valentine's day. @we are at colocal sass wn cleveland with some
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@sweetheart. @ thank you so much for being @with us at 9:00 a.m. @on this february 14th, that @means s day. @we saw alyssa baking those @sweets treats. @a lot going on around town. @and also today is the last day @for the home and garden show at @the ix it's warm in there. @it's warm and there are gardens @and greens so if you want to @see fresh flowers and your @sweety didn't get you any, go > it is bitter cold. @>> it really is. @we haven't seen too much of a @jump in our temperature, even @though we're after sunrise, while to @respond so it will be a little @frigid as you step out. @the good news, the snow is @still to the west. @i think we will be okay ate night tonight but @after about 9:00 or 10:00, we @might see the snow flakes move
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@right now, at a @portion of the region where we @are just down right cold. @downtown it's feeling like 3 @because of the wind you need to know to @get the day going. @temperatures stay below about @15 degrees until the lunch @break. @and this afternoon, we degrees and if @we get enough sunshine, i think @a few places could even hit the @lower 20s. @there are some changes in the @exthe ended forecast and i will @let you know -- forecast and i will let you @know when the next best chance @of snow will be and when we @will see a hank you. @ i-480 westbound has now @reopened at ridge road @following a fatal crash @overnight. @this is video if the rning. @it happened just before 5:00 @a.m. @two vehicles apparently are @involved here. @more details are expected later @today but again, 480 westbound was @shut down and it's now @reopened.
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@the 60s earlier this erature wise? @what went up has clearly come @down and this weekend, people @are just trying to make the @best of it. @channel 3 was out saturday to @see how people cold weather. @>> reporter: it was the kind of @day you had the choice, embrace @the cold or try to stay e, the bench was @empty. @from snowballs to screams, at @speeds of more than 40 miles @per hour, it was a good night @>> what do you think? @>> it's really cold. @>> reporter: to say the least. @check out the icebox, now lake @erie, not exactly beach day. @>> when you look into the @water, it looks like rock @>> reporter: elsewhere, it was @dog dragging owner. @>> oh, yeah, red up. @>> reporter: nowhere in @northeast ohio could you escape
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@odot warned drivers of the @witness the signs. @while on the slope, therand some extra steps @to warn skiers and. @>> a couple burn barrels set up @for people to warm up at. @>> reporter: and some ep their clothes on, @stripping down for the annual @cupid's undie run for had to be revised a @little bit because of the cold. @>> when the weather gets to a @certain temperature, we still @run but we do shorter. @>> reporter: channel 3 news. @>> thank you. @especially during the cold @months, socks are the number @one needed item at homeless @shelters. @and that's why metro health @medical center is asking you to @spare is a pair. @during february, metro health @is collecting sock donations @for homeless. @they are asking specifically @for wool socks. @their goal is to collect more @than 8,000 pairs.
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@you can go to @ a pair of teachers made a @rap video to get their students @excited about slopes and @graphing in math class. @it's starting to get people's @attention. @take a listen. @ tell me what you see @ looks like four quadrants @to me @ i see x and i see y @>> i still need this lesson. @the teacher bill akin and a @substitute teacher call @themselves the magic city boys. @this is the second video after @the first hit. @this is all in the name of @making math more enjoyable for @students. @ and those are the sound of @the hottest tournament in
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@on saturday, the ohio state pin @ball championship took place. @last night's winner will go on @to represent ohio in the @nationals. @ and just in time for @valentine's day, the rink goes @pink. @the winter time skating rink @feeling the love despite mother @nature's cold shoulder. @this is across the street from @the natural history and art @museum. @the rink is open noon to 5:00 @today. @and it's also open with special @hours tomorrow, noon to 7:00, @for president's day. @ and it is valentine's day. @what will you give your @sweetheart today? @maybe red roses, maybe @something sweet. @if you are procrastinated and @you are still looking for @something, alyssa raymond joins @us from a bakery busy baking @treats this morning and you @told us earlier, they deliver. @>> reporter: they do deliver. @it's a special, the cake pop @bouquet that they have, free @delivery. @you get a dozen cake pops. @but ashley and julia will tell
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@we have both of the bakers @here. @they have been here since @colossal cupcakes opened four @years ago. @julia is making banana split @cupcakes and ashley, what are @you making here? @>> i'm making the milk jugs. @in the store, we sell either @just regular milk or we can @make chocolate milk. @just to add something else to @the menu. @>> reporter: and for @valentine's day, you are open @today. @you have 25 different flavors @but what else do you have to @offer for valentine's day? @>> aside from cupcake, we have @chocolate-covered strawberry, @cake pop bouquet, we have a box @of chocolates which is like a @modern day, just 12 assorted @cupcakes which comes with the @map so you know every flavor @you are getting, milk jugs, @float, cake shakes. @>> reporter: do you need this @chocolate, julia? @i'll pass that over to you. @and since i didn't know all of
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@you let our viewers know what @you're doing today? @>> yeah, so today only, we do @free delivery to downtown. @for $30, you can get cake pop @bouquets, we have the box of @chocolate, 12 red velvet @cupcakes and then we also have @strawberries. @>> reporter: thank you so much. @and in that box of chocolate @over there is one of these @beautiful chocolate roses. @julia just did this. @show you. @she's going to do it live and @we're going to put the pressure @on her. @>> alyssa, this looks like a @scene out of i love lucy. @i'm waiting for you to start @shoving the treats in your @mouth. @>> reporter: two hours ago when @i was doing the cake shakes, i @thought, i had this vision in @my head that i didn't put the @lid on and the milk shake was @going to go everywhere. @>> yeah, well that would have @been a treat for us.
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@we will check back in in half @an hour. @ coming up, millions of @americans continue to fight @brutally cold temperatures. @for them.
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@ @ welcome back. @millions of people across the @country are being told to stay @indoors as brutally cold @temperatures grip much of the @country including right here. @and the weather is being blamed @for a deadly pile-up involving @dozens of vehicles in @pennsylvania. @we have more on the extreme @cold and very dangerous @conditions. @>> reporter: in the bitter cold @and snow near harrisburg, @pennsylvania, a massive and @deadly pile-up. @as many as 50 cars and big @rigs. @>> there's a whole pile. @one was folded right in half. @>> reporter: at least three @people dead. @entrapped here. @>> reporter: others pinned in @the twisted metal. @>> and i also have a lady @that's in a vehicle that's six @months pregnant with a broken @leg.
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@stay warm with wind chills @below zero. @>> make sure they have the @buses coming. @>> another tractor-trailer @driver didn't have anything in @the trailer so he said, you can @get in the back and keep warm. @>> reporter: ashley fisher was @driving along route 78 with her @two young daughters. @>> all of a sudden, just whited @out. @like came out of nowhere. @we were on dry pavement, @everything was fine and then @all of a sudden, the car in @front of me disappeared. @>> reporter: forecasters @believe a snow squall moved @through, blowing snow and @limiting visibility. @>> there was from my count what @i could see, six tractor- @trailers just like piled on top @of each other in the median. @it was one of those things @like, had we been two minutes @earlier, where would we have @been? @>> reporter: more than 40 @people were transported to the @hospital as the polar vortex @temperatures lower than many @decade.
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@to 22 below zero without the @wind chill. @in places like buffalo, snowy @and icy roads made driving @treacherous. @and in new york where wind @gusts were expected to top 45 @miles per hour, the city @ordered construction cranes @into secure positions after @last week's deadly accident. @>> i want everyone to know, @it's so important to take this @seriously, to stay indoors to @the maximum extent possible. @ it was a somber night in @our nation's capitol. @the flag outside the supreme @court building flying at half @staff for late justice antonin @scalia. @he was found dead at a west @texas ranch saturday morning. @he was the longest serving of @the current justices appointed @by president ronald reagan in @1986. @a fiery voice on issues from @affirmative action to abortion @and gay marriage. @ now to the presidential @race. @trump and kasich and cruz all
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@republican debate, this time in @south carolina. @the supreme court justice they @would nominate was top of mind @after news of justice antonin @scalia's death. @one week from the south @a very busy night. @>> reporter: with six remaining @republican candidates for @president on the debate stage @in south carolina just hours @after learning of the death of @supreme court justice antonin @praise on the justice. @>> he will go down as one of @the great justices in the @history of this country. @>> reporter: and now with an @unexpected court vacancy, many @are urging the senate to block @president barack obama's next @appointment to the court. @>> the senate needs to say, @we're not going the give up the @u.s. supreme court for a @generation by allowing @president barack obama to make @one more liberal appoint tee. @>> reporter: and while donald @trump and ted cruz have been @sniping at each other on-air @and online after the wins in @iowa and new hampshire, it was
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@>> jeb is so wrong. @absolutely so -- @[ booing ] @>> just so you understand, @that's jeb's special interests @and lobbiest talking. @>> vladimir putin is not going @the to be an ally of the united @states. @while donald trump was building @a reality tv show, my brother @was building a security @apparatus to keep us safe. @>> the world trade center came @down during your brother's @office, remember that. @>> reporter: marco rubio @disappeared from the discussion @for long stretches until @finally clashing with ted cruz @over immigration. @>> here's the truth, ted cruz @supported legalizing people in @this country and only now does @he say -- @>> this is absolutely false. @>> reporter: the first in the @south primary a week away, a @chance for the front runs so @solidify positions and those
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@ all right, it is @valentine's day and this is the @excuse to each chocolate at @every single meal. @if you want to surprise your @sweetheart and make some sweet @treats, we have hope from the @chocolate bar coming up in a
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@ @ are you looking for a sweet
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@morning? @these aren't just small, these @are beautiful. @>> thank you so much. @>> you're welcome. @>> so, all right, there's too @many options here, too many @things i want to eat. @but let's start with the creme. @>> we do make our in-house @every day. @and we flame it right in front @of you. @>> that's the fun part. @>> everybody loves the firing. @>> let's leave it to the @experts but let's see how you @-- @>> what is it? @you're looking at me like i'm @crazy. @>> we have this that we bring @to the table. @and we flame it right in front @of the guest. @and it's actually sugar on it @so it will help it set on fire. @>> is this a popular desert for
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@a lot of people like it. @it's common everywhere. @but ours is so delicious. @it's just really creamy and @just great. @and we have an awesome martini @to go with it. @so which ever works with you, @you can do the desert or @martini. @>> at 9:00 a.m., let's do the @desert and later, we might try @the martini. @>> tell us, about this melted @chocolate,. @>> well, if you order it, it's @the desert you make at the @table yourself. @sitcoms as you see here, -- it @comes as you see here, you @toast the marshmallow and we @have a martini to match it. @so it's interesting to order @both together. @>> okay. @and you get the option of @strawberries over there to add @to it. @>> right. @we give you the chocolate, the @marshmallows and the @strawberry. @me personally, i like to eat it @on the side. @>> i don't think you can go @wrong except for when things
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@so chocolate bar, you guys have @to be one of the more popular @place, how busy is valentine's @day? @>> my god, valentine's day is @our holiday. @obviously we have tons of @chocolate deserts. @we have all of these, just a @little look of everything that @we have. @this moose cake is so popular. @we have the chocolate, triple @chocolate fusion, like a @>> oh, wow. @>> some are a little lighter. @some are more rich. @but you have an option for @everything. @>> and everything is the option @on valentine's day. @>> absolutely. @>> you can go for everything. @okay, coming up in about 25 @minutes or so, we are going to @make chocolate drinks which is @kind of your specialty, right? @>> really is. @>> martinis are definitely our @specialty. @people come in just to have @drinks. @>> we will show you how to do @that coming up pretty soon. @all right, thanks.
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@>> i'll have a snack while we @wait for the drinks here. @ all right, well we are @talking about more valentine's @day. @this right here, a valentine's @day idea, take your sweety to @see monster trucks at the q. @ and it's a big party week @for jimmy fallon. @see who will join him as he @celebrates two years hosting @"the tonight show" this week. @the weather check. @>> i am continuing to track the @too much. @most of us in the single digits @this morning. @snow to the west and it is @trying to move in. @i'll let you know how much @progress we're going to see in @snow department and when we
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@monster jam returns for all of @the doughnuts and wheelies you @can ask for. @but not just anyone can get @behind the wheel. @one monster jam rookie is a 10- @year veteran of the u.s. army. @>> all the stress and the fear @and the anxiety that i have @experienced in the army, you @know, with combat deployments @and so on, that all translates @into the monster jam truck and @being able to handle all that @stress. @>> incredible what they can do @with the trucks. @the monster jam show runs @through today. @so that's a valentine's idea. @>> yeah, i could get into that. @>> monster trucks, there you @go. @something for everyone. @ and it is a great day to @figure out what you can do the @indoors with your sweetheart. @>> that would be my suggestion. @if you don't have to go outside @with the single digits @temperatures and wind chills @stay indoors.
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@the region, well, at least we @have the sunshine. @satellite and radar is quiet. @there are winter weather @watches and warnings to the @south. @that system is diving across @kentucky. @and it's moving in towards west @virginia. @it will skim us but i think it @misses us for today. @tonight, tomorrow, that's a @slightly different story. @for right now, our main concern @is the changing conditions. @in fact, we are actually seeing @some sunshine here. @we're seeing some sunshine and @also some clouds beginning to @move on through. @and as we get toward the later @portions of the day though, @those clouds are going to take @over. @wind chills right now feeling @like 3 downtown. @feeling like 5 in dover. @and negative digits for @mansfield and worcester. @so you get the picture. @we're going to stay in the @chill into the afternoon and @then the turn a corner, @tomorrow. @right now, 4 degrees downtown @and the winds have calmed down @and that's helping us out right @now.
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@wind chill today as we saw @yesterday. @although there is some of that @factor going on. @the cold weekend will continue @through today and president's @day for tomorrow. @and we have the opportunity to @pull in some more snow. @but i think we're going to hold @off until after at least your @valentine's day dinner. @but into the overnight and even @early president's day morning, @the region. @temperatures today should make @it to about 20 degrees. @hour-by-hour with the @futureview, mainly clear skies @morning. @by 9:00, 10:00, we start to see @the light snow flakes move @through. @and this will be a light event @for us, about an inch or so for @most areas but it will be @and early morning hour. @and then on monday, we taper @off but monday afternoon, we @bring in a second round of @moisture. @temperatures are warmer so this @will mix with both rain and @snow and where it's colder, we @will get more significant @accumulation for tomorrow.
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@tonight and tomorrow, we will @see about .50 for most areas. @by early on monday morning, @maybe an inch in some spots. @mainly sunny skies into the @afternoon today. @many of us hit the 20-degree @mark and a few should make it @into the lower 20s. @hour-by-hour especially into @our seven-day forecast, we have @to get through the remainder of @the cold weekend. @today, president's day, but as @we get to the tuesday's @forecast, that's when we will @really to the upper 30s. @>> all right, well, a lot of @kids off school tomorrow so @everybody can continue to @bundle up. @thank you, olga. @>> all right. @ a big week for jimmy @fallon, he is celebrating two @years as the host of "the @tonight show." @nbc is remembering that event @with a two-hour valentine of @sorts. @the special filled with some of @the best moments from his first @two years and then all week @starting monday night, fallon @will do his show from los @angeles.
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@magic carpet ride for the @tonight show host. @>> it's crazy. @you know, i really do, i think @about it all the time. @i see my name, you know, on the @thing or if i, you know, we're @out here in california and on a @billboard, this is crazy. @sometimes it doesn't feel like @my name or something. @it's too surreal but it is and @the show is fun and we're just @having a good time. @>> among fallon's guests for @the week in los angeles are @will ferrell, jennifer lopez, @and pitbull. @ still to come this morning, @hundreds brave the freezing @temperatures to run in their @undergarments yesterday. @find out how much was raised @during cupid's undie run in @cleveland. @ good morning, alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning. @and how about this box of @chocolates? @coming up, we're doing some @decorating at colossal cupcakes
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@ @ i hope you're staying warm @this morning. @that is a live look at lake @erie. @the water is a little bit froze @than morning. @single digits, in case you @can't see next to the channel 3 @logo there, it says 4 degrees. @we have not made it out of the @single digits all morning so a @great day to cuddle up. @happy valentine's day the all @of you. @ let's check in with olga
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@the forecast. @and it's bone-chilling cold. @>> it really is. @anything you do outdoors today @is going to be a bit of a @challenge because of that cold. @but the good news is there is @some encouragement coming along @the way. @right now, we have plenty of @sunshine peeking through but @the clouds are slowly starting @to take over. @that's going to continue into @the afternoon and evening @hours. @and i think we hold off on the @snow fall which is skirting the @southern portions of the state @until around midnight or so. @maybe a couple hours earlier we @will start to see the flakes. @but the one thing you will have @to contend with all morning @long with the chilly @temperatures. @we are starting to the see @winds more out of the south and @southwest. @and that is going to be key to @our warm-up or relative warm-up @coming up later on this week. @i'll be able to give you the @details on how far along we're @going to get in that process @and when we're going to see an @opportunity again for another @bit of measurable snow. @maureen.
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@digits, i count as a warm-up. @>> that's good. @>> thank you, olga. @ saturday's frigid @temperatures didn't stop some @people from stripping down into @their underwear in downtown @cleveland. @there's an explanation for @this. @over 700 runners gather for the @annual cupid undie run. @we caught up with the group @during the after-party wearing @their bedroom best but since @the temperatures were so cold, @race organizers decided to @shorten the route. @the event raised more than @$115,000. @ americans will spend just @shy of $150 on their sweetheart @today. @that's according to the @national retail federation. @between flowers, jewelry and @much more, alyssa raymond has @the sweet treats covered for us @this morning. @and they have been looking @delicious, alyssa. @>> reporter: yes, i've had to @hold back from eating all of @them or sampling all of them. @but we are here in downtown
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@the bakers have been here since @the shop opened four years ago. @they said valentine's day is @the busiest holiday for them @and get this, they have made @more than 1,000 cupcakes for @this holiday. @and this is julia and ashley. @julia is going to show us how @to make a rose. @how good are you? @>> i'm all right, i think. @>> reporter: let's see it. @this is one of your flavors, @how many different flavors do @you have? @>> today in the store, we have @25 flavors. @we try to at least have 20 @different flavors in the case @to choose from. @and she's doing snickerdoodle. @>> reporter: what is your most @popular flavor for valentine's @day? @>> i would say it's the red @velvet. @>> reporter: you actually draw
9:34 am
@we thought this was plastic. @check out this love chocolate. @how do you do that? @>> this is just chocolate and @we just write it using the @pastry bag and then we use it @to put on top of cupcakes. @>> reporter: so neat. @what else do you have besides @cupcakes here? @>> we have the cake pop bouquet @which we talked about earlier. @we have cake shake, we have ice @cream float, ice cream sundaes. @>> reporter: going to go for it @now. @can i have this one? @>> yeah. @>> reporter: okay. @here, maureen, i'll bring you @back one, i'll swear. @i've been telling you that all @morning. @>> here goes nothing. @>> there you go. @i'm on a sugar high just @watching you. @and watching all of these @treats. @what do you think? @red velvet? @>> reporter: mmm. @>> if you had two thumbs @available, would it be two @thumbs up?
9:35 am
@>> that's the review from @alyssa raymond. @thank you. @i'm glad you had fun this @morning. @ just ahead, safety and @savings come together. @money man matt granite has a @deal on lights that could help
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@ @ today's safety and savings
9:38 am
@matt granite introduces us to @survival lights. @>> reporter: we have seen our @share of snow and the survival @lights that i just finished @testing are great for the back @of the car. @great for any time the there's @an issue. @and great for other reasons as @we put them to the test. @take a look at my favorite pair @of lights. @and i love that these are not @only great for emergencies, but @they make sure you can see and @be seen. @great for storm use, camping, @hunting, early morning run, @walking the dog, anything @outside. @with four modes, they are @weather resistant and in the @event you have in the back of @the car and you need to get out @and be spotted, an awesome grab @at 41% off and $19. @i put them to the test in a @pitch black storage facility @right here at wkyc. @>> reporter: this is one light. @, two lights, three lights.
9:39 am
@my entire storage facility @beautifully well lit. @now i love that you could wear @them if you wanted to and i am @going to warn you, i look like @practical. @and once i got used to wear @them, you could run with them @and do other things with and @they are the brightest in their @class. @now if you want to see another @series of tests, @i don't care whether or not you @buy it, but if you are looking @for something like this, a @great grab. @back to you. @>> matt, thank you so much. @ and you know, he actually @got questions about those @because people have been @running into situations with a @few snowstorms that we've had. @we've been lucky this year but @this weekend, it's hard to @one week of winter. @ well, february is the @coldest month so we have really @>> yes. @>> but hopefully we're going to @get through the next week
9:40 am
@and we are dealing with the @frigid cold weekend. @yesterday, told, we move some @of the cold air into tomorrow @as well. @but notice with the jet stream @dipping to the south, all those @snow watches and warnings for @today with the system we're @going through now is kind of @missing us. @but that's going to change @though later on tonight as the @winds start to shift from the @south. @overall though, i think we will @be quiet this afternoon. @we have seen clearing skies @through the morning but right @now during the last hour, we @are starting to pop up a little @bit of cloud cover in the @northern and eastern portions @of the state. @and then we're going to be @mostly cloudy by this @afternoon. @and we just can't shake this @cold. @temperatures are down, feeling @like 3 degrees in downtown. @feeling like negative 1, @negative 8, so it's chilly and @that's going to be the norm @throughout the day. @count on wind chills closer to @zero into the afternoon. @partly cloudy skies right now, @winds have calmed down and we
9:41 am
@the winds to shift from the @southwest later on today. @and the cold weekend will @continue for us. @and single digits wind chills @are expected throughout today @and into the overnight and then @we're tracking some snow that @begins to develop, i would say @we are safe until about that @9:00, 10:00 tonight. @and getting our temperatures to @20 degrees will be tricky later @on this afternoon. @i'm going with a high of about @20. @and some areas stay closer to @15. @and others will exceed that 20- @degree mark late in the day, if @we get enough sunshine. @so hour-by-hour, let's take you @through. @the snow arrives after 9:00, @continues hit or miss into the @early morning hours and the @good news, we're not expecting @too much accumulation. @in fact, as we get into @tuesday, more moisture comes @through but the temperatures @are warmer so it will be a mix @of rain and snow. @with that accumulation for @tonight into tomorrow morning, @for most of us, it should be @about an inch, a few areas @slightly higher.
9:42 am
@already getting clouds in parts @of the area so far but the @seven-day forecast is going to @take us out of the cold @eventually. @it will take a while for us to @get there. @for today and president's day, @cold sticks around. @but the windownation seven-day @forecast brings us back into @the middle 30s by midweek with @another cold snap. @and look at the 40s. @way off many the distance. @>> not too far. @it's at least a peek. @and then a lot of people are @lucky, they're off tomorrow @maybe, president's day. @so we can bundle up and stay @inside. @>> that's right. @ride it out. @>> olga, thank you so much. @ so what if one little @decision you made changed your @whole life? @that's what you will wonder as @you watch "it's then," the @latest show in the broadway @series at play house square. @we go inside the world of the @musical that doesn't only @entertain you, but makes you @think. @ here i go
9:43 am
@what if at some point in our @lives. @how would things be different @if i -- fill in the blank. @the tail of the woman, @returning to new york city, @faced with a decision early on @in the show, the story splits @into two versions of what life @would be like. @but not just how her life would @be different but everyone @around her also. @>> it's also about the ripple @effects you have on each @other's lives. @all, you know, all on down the @line. @>> reporter: the two plots play @out before the audience. @accompanied by seasoned actors @and of course, singing and @dancing intertwined, taking the @audience through what the @creators hope is a series of @self-reflection that leaves you @wondering long after you leave, @what if? @>> it might seem strange that @seeing musical theater can make @a difference in your life. @the direction you might take @and yet people have shared that @sort of thing with us.
9:44 am
@>> i definitely think it brings @the idea of choices more to the @frontal part of your mind @because you're always presented @with choices every second of @every day. @and you will definitely ask the @hard questions of yourself, you @know, and make you reflect back @on the what ifs of your life. @>> reporter: channel 3 news. @>> thanks. @ we will be right back,
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@ @ welcome back. @chocolate can be in pretty much @anything. @how about mixing up a cocktail? @chocolate martinis are very @popular. @they are here to show us how to @mix them up. @you have three different kinds. @thank you so much for being @here this morning. @and just for the record, i have @been up since like 2:00 a.m. @so it's like my 5:00 somewhere, @so no nasty emails, please. @tell us about the different @types of chocolate drinks that @you can mix up. @>> yeah, so at the chocolate @martinis. @a lot of them have chocolate, @we have some more fruitier, we @covered. @today. @we have a chocolate dipped @strawberry. @>> what's in this one? @>> they're all vodka based.
9:48 am
@>> give us an idea, why is this @-- obviously there's @>> absolutely. @so what it is, it's all going @to be vodka-based. @that makes it chocolate. @>> okay. @>> we use different fruits or @sauces to tie in the ends. @so that's kind of how we make @the chocolate strawberry and @you get an awesome chocolate @chocolate straw. @>> all right. @and then the next. @>> this is a fruitier one. @it is super fun. @it's a little bit sweeter but @it will take just like the @candy. @again, vodka-based because all @of them are. @>> and it's fizzier. @>> it is. @and the next one? @>> the last one we have is the @white chocolate raspberry. @it comes in a nice pink color, @so perfect for valentine's day. @or really any occasion.
9:49 am
@these drinks -- i'm going to @assume they're pretty popular @but do you feel like people @indulge more on valentine's @day? @>> they're popular year-round. @we just get a little busier @around valentine's day and @people die for the martinis and @even apart from valentine's @day, people come in. @it's a great place to come in @for date night. @your first date, you will @probably continue to keep @coming back. @anniversaries, we get @engagements, everything so @people just die over the @martinis all year long. @>> and tell me about your @specials you have today. @because a lot of people go out @for valentine's day. @i'm sure you have specials @going on? @>> well, as we do on the @weekend, we're doing the prime @rib special. @our chef prepared a vegetable @spring roll which i have not @tried but it looked amazing.
9:50 am
@shrink noki with a -- the @shrimp noki with a lobster @cream sauce. @>> you can come sit at the bar, @we will be there tonight. @>> awesome. @girls, thank you so much. @good luck tonight. @>> thank you. @>> i know it's going to be busy @so i appreciate you waking up @early with us. @ and now over to dave for @the sunday sports report. @>> reporter: hi everyone. @good morning. @many rumors out there about @possible cavaliers trades @including the blockbuster one @according to the "new york @daily news." @here's the latest. @carmelo anthony said yesterday @he hasn't thought about trades @and didn't like the reports @that the cavs and boston @celtics have discussed the deal @involving kevin love making it @a three-way deal for the caves @to land anthony. @he said he has no plans to @leave the knicks saying, yet, @not going nowhere.
9:51 am
@>> it's false. @the only thing -- i look and @see it's false. @you know, and that's the last @thing that i was worrying about @right now is trade talks from @our team. @ so we move on to all-star @weekend. @lebron the only cavalier in the @game tonight in toronto. @james will make his 12th @straight start in the all-star @game and will go for a third @mvp and also most points ever. @yesterday we saw him practice @inside the air canada center. @ dunk contest last night. @best in years. @aaron gordon from orlando with @the help of the magic mascot, @he was incredible. @the dunks look like he's going @to win. @but the winner last year, wow, @again last night an impressive @performance, four straight. @how about the last two i'm @showing. @the timber wolves zach winning
9:52 am
@ the three-point contest and @those warriors stealing the @show. @but it's not curry but klay @thompson, winning. @27 points in the final round. @curry came in second. @yesterday. @the first place akron zips were @on a roll. @winners of seven straight. @and at northern illinois @yesterday, the huskies lost @five in a row. @just before half-time, jackson @hits the three for a 41-40 @lead. @zips up one at the half. @seconds left. @and inbound, johnson with the @chance but falls. @can't get the shot off. @no foul though. @akron loses 80-79. @ kent state at eastern @michigan. @catch-up.
9:53 am
@46-but the flashes, they take @the lead but they wouldn't keep @it. @eastern michigan pulls away @winning. @ cleveland state at @youngstown state. @flanagan a career-high 30 @points, 10 of 13 from the @floor. @hit all nine free throws. @vikings beat the penguins 64- @59. @ buckeyes on the road again @against a terrible rutgers @team. @rejection, tipped through and @the jam. @buckeyes up 12. @game-high 246789 next @possession, my rutger, another @turnover. @williams can't believe how easy @that is. @the dunk contest going on @there. @he had 19. @buckeyes win 79-69. @they're 16-10. @rutgers 0-12 in the big 10. @ don't forget, sports @tonight. @coming your way tonight at @11:35 right here on channel 3
9:54 am
@and we talk cavaliers. @and we will talk with cardell @jones today. @you can see him today at 4th @and goal, he is signing @autographs. @i'm dave chudowsky. @have a great sunday everybody. @>> thank you. @ coming up, a final look at @the forecast and also what
9:55 am
9:56 am
@ @ some new survey results may @help you make last-minute @choices for valentine's day. @a survey shows 60% of people @would rather get chocolates @over flowers. @64% would rather go out to @dinner than have a home cooked @meal. @ we're choosing chocolate @here this morning. @i'm actually getting some heat @from some of the twitter @friends about how much we're @talking about chocolate and i'm @begging for it. @>> this is the day to indulge. @>> the only day i make the @excuse.
9:57 am
@treat. @>> that's right. @we're going to be treated to @calmer wind into the afternoon, @sunshine this morning and cold @tomorrow, a little improvement. @but light snow showers tonight @and into tomorrow morning and @president's day. @and look at the warm-up. @>> we're ready for it. @thank you so much. @and thank you so much for being @with us. @happy valentine's day everyone.
9:58 am
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this sunday morning, the sudden death of justice antonin scalia and the rarest of events, a vacancy on the supreme court in the middle of a presidential election. how the fight over his replacement could paralyze the senate and all of washington. we'll hear from four republican presidential candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. plus, that wild republican debate last night. >> you are a principle -- >> you are the single biggest liar. >> when you point to his own record, he screams liar, liar, liar. >> i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. >> also, bernie sanders gets a


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